Womanless Wedding
Title: Womanless Wedding
Creator: unknown
Description: Men dressed as women for the Womanless Wedding pageant in 1946, Brodhead, Wisconsin. First row, Roy Ties, Allen Ross, George Richardson, Bill Bellman, Clifford Gilbert, George Bjork - ring bearer, Alfred Pinnow, Lee Cleveland, Edgar Pinnow, Curtis Diemer. Second row, Director Lillian Wiseman, Byron Blackford, George Ross, Adam Fleek, Lawrence Heyerdahl, Kenneth Hamilton, S.R. Fossage, Dr. Lawton, Leland Williams, Marion Roderick, Harry Welch, Harold Schuster, Roland Bufton, George Brandenburg, Ross Olin, John Pengra. Third row, Dale Young, Marvin Brandenburg, Carl Broughton, Sterling Miller, Wayne Weber, Herman Sellnow. Fourth row, Paul Bellman, Stanley Fleek, Russell Rosheisen, Clarence Brager, Marvin Stabler, "Heinie" Kreck - bride, James Larkin - preacher, John Rosheisen, Louis Berg, Orla McClellan, Ben Bell, Willis Sarnow, Lawrence Brandt. Back row, Bill Behrens, Richard Anderson, Albert Ten Eyck, Gilbert Swartz, Lowell Ringen, Manley Richards, Newell Holcomb.
Date Original: 10-17-1946
Format: black & white print
Curator Number: P-99-31-1
Publisher: unknown

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