2018 Meeting Schedule and Guest Speakers

Meetings are at 7:00 p.m. on the last Monday of each month at the Bank of Brodhead, except where noted.

January – No meeting

February – No meeting

March 26 – Diseases and Treatments of Civil War Maladies” by Dr. Gordon Dammann.

April 30 – Kris Winkler and Lynn Lokken presenting their apron collection, with some aprons dating back to the 1890s.

May 21 – Sneak peek at the new museum addition.

June 25 – Mary Timm of Brodhead will speak on the history of the Ten Eyck family and the origin of the Ten Eyck Orchard.

July 30 – Rich Hager of Shriner Hager Gohlke Funeral Home, Monroe on the history of funeral customs in the US and other cultures.

August 27 – Members of the Green County Genealogical Society will present a skit called “The Estate” on finding things genealogical in an attic.

September 24 – “Show and Tell”. Members and guests are invited and encouraged to bring a family treasure or historic item to show off. If you don’t have an item to show, feel free to tell a family story.

October 29 – “Forgotten Brodhead Industry” – Betty Earleywine has searched the Brodhead Historical Society Archives and will share information about Brodhead industry and manufacturing of the past. You may be surprised to hear what has been “Made in Brodhead”.

November – No meeting

December – No meeting